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About atiya herbs


"Atiya Herbs" was established in 2002. The fact that in this short time, it has gained so much fame and acceptance is evidence of its excellence. Actually the meaning of "atiya" is "gift". Since the time it was established up til now "Atiya Herbs" has provided brightening and cheering news to hundreds and thousands of patients who had almost given up on the happy things in life. "Atiya Herbs" has advanced and furthered the cause of herbal medicine in a way that has never been done before by anyone else. Actually, Hakeen Suleman Khan (Toor) has had the skill of healing run with vigour in his veins from an early age. That's why he has devoted years of his life to making a name in the field of medicine through his research and development.


Using the light of his knowledge and expereince in herbal medicine, and in the spirit of helping the common man, in 2002 he laid the foundation for this nameworthy company in Mumbai."Atiya Herbs" has up til now developed more then fourty products including
"S-Care", "R-Care", "M-Care", "H- Care", "P-Care", "F-Care", and dozens more which have achieved fame on a worldwide level. After using these medicines, hundreds of thousands of patients have heaved a sigh of relief. Those who have benefited from taking "Atiya Herbs" are overjoyed with how "Atiya Herbs" have improved their life. As a result, "Atiya Herbs" now has a status in the world that is barely found with even more recently established companies.