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R. Care
Relieve from pain of joints, swelling and Uric acid problem
“R-care” by “Atiya Herbs” Highly beneficial and effective

R Care is a Peerless creation of Hon. Hakeem Sulemaan Khan at Atiya herbs. Covering a huge stream of diseases this medicine gave unmatched results even for those who believed that they can’t live life again the way they used to.

The basic symptoms where R care can Succour:

  • Effected area gets red, hot, swollen.
  • Extreme unbearable pain in joints
  • The situation can sustain for hours and days. Depending upon the severity.
  • Uric Acid
  • Burning sensation on skin
  • Pain in joints with swelling
  • Pain in tissues of surrounding area

“For any concern on how to get fine, a click away, doctors are waiting online”.

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