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Nuskha Jaat Sulemani

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“Nuskha Jaat Sulemani” is the first composition of the renowned hakim Suleman Khan Toor, whose persona needs no introduction. The fame and reputation he has gained in the world of Tibb is attributed to his sole intention and passion to serve mankind. The book might be small but the benefits of various herbs have been described in the book in such a simple manner that any patient can cure himself easily at the comfort of his home. The book is solely written to serve humanity. This book, based on the purview, research and experiences of hakim sahab, renders the Tib services. Though there are thousands and lakhs of bulky books written on herbs, fruits and flowers available in the market which are indeed beneficial, still this book has been written so that an ordinary man can also get benefitted without facing any hassles. However, fearing its thickness, only some significant herbs, fruits and flowers have been incorporated in the book.